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As well as in the interior design of apartments  Poliedro is able to engage in the design of commercial spaces.



The characterizing element of this study for the construction of a restaurant is the presence of a semicircular kitchen which is configured as a sort of "stage" delimited by glass panels that guarantee its visibility from different angles of the room. The latter was then divided into three zones by the presence of two wings in glass bricks with a double-curvilinear trend, which have the purpose of concealing load-bearing pillars, but which also perform the function of visually and acoustically isolating the three areas in which it is divided the room from the point of view of the organization of the tables: the two side areas, more secluded, have been equipped with square tables that can be combined to create tables.

The front area is instead equipped with round tables. On one side of the entrance, characterized by an aesthetic lowering with spotlights, are the bathrooms, while the wardrobe and an office are located on the opposite side.

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