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Furnishing solution for a children's room




Find a furnishing solution that allows the two children (respectively 7 and 9 years old) to have enough space for play, study and rest activities. At the same time it is necessary to respect the need to have a large wardrobe in the same room to contain all the children's clothing.

Define the aforementioned solution in all its details, including the chromatic choice.

The following points constitute a conditioning element for the choice of colors:

• Reuse of Missoni Home carpet and curtain

• Pre-finished doussiè parquet floor

• Internal wall sliding door in "magnolia" lacquered

• External doors and windows in doussiè-stained douglas wood



Given the small surface area available for the many activities of children, the adoption of a "transformable" furnishing solution is considered decisive which allows, with the greatest possible simplicity, to switch from a daytime to a night configuration. The solutions proposed by the CLEI company make it possible to satisfy these requirements by also offering the possibility of making a choice of colors according to existing constraints (Missoni Home carpet and curtain already chromatically matched to each other). Among the solutions proposed by CLEI, the "Poppi Board" solution was considered particularly suitable for this purpose, which can be completed with a wardrobe, to create a large wardrobe area, and a desk behind which the pull-out bed is hidden. The area next to the Poppi Board, towards the existing radiator, has been completed with a series of shelves on the boiserie that perform a useful bookcase function. For the opposite wall it was decided to adopt a lighter solution, consisting of the "Cabrio in" bed / desk system which can be surmounted by a suspended bookcase, and is accompanied by side cabinets that also serve as a support base for the bed. The choice of colors, given the wide range of lacquers offered, was made by combining various combinations with the images of the carpet and the curtain, using the "doussié" background. The most suitable colors were "saffron" yellow, "ruby" red and white defined as "pearl". The main phases of the design are visible through the plans and perspective images and through the photorealistic images shown therein.

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