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with private bathroom and walk-in closet

Renovation of two rooms




Starting from two rooms of limited size, it was necessary to obtain a double bedroom with walk-in closet and private bathroom.

As well as being architecturally well defined, comfortable and equipped with a "relaxation" space to be used for reading was required.



Commenting on the plants and images of the premises, the following is reported:

• The dividing element between the bedroom and the two rooms served by it (walk-in closet and bathroom) is represented by a curved wall in opacified glass block. The semicircular plan of this wall allows to contain the "relax" space, characterized by the presence of two design armchairs and a floor lamp with adjustable light to be used for reading.

• On both sides of the glass block wall, two folding doors have been placed for access to the walk-in closet and the bathroom. Access to the room is instead via a sliding door inside the wall which replaces the old swing door.

• The double bed has been placed on the wall opposite the glass block element. On the wall on which the headboard of the bed rests, a rectangular plasterboard element has been built inside which fluorescent tubes have been placed to obtain an "atmosphere" light.

• The bathroom, with natural light, has the washbasin area in the foreground, resting on a partition that hides the shower behind it. The bathroom fixtures have been placed in the most hidden part of the bathroom.

• The walk-in closet develops in an "L" shape and is quite large, allowing it to be used as a changing room without problems.

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